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The Washington State government is currently mandating facial coverings to be worn in public when indoors and to be worn outdoors when a 6 foot distance between others is not possible. The CDC also recommends that, at all times, efforts be made to maintain a 6 foot distance from those outside of your immediate family.  


The state has also given the following answers at, in response to the following two frequently asked questions:

Question: "I have a reason I cannot wear a face covering. Am I required to document or prove that?"

Answer: "No, the order does not require you to document or prove a reason for not wearing a face covering."

Question: "Should I say something if someone near me isn't wearing a face covering?"

Answer: "No. Someone may have a medical reason for not wearing a face covering. Whether those around you are wearing face coverings or not, focus on keeping 6 feet of distance between you and washing your hands often."

With the respect of everyone's right to privacy in mind, if anyone chooses to attend without wearing a mask we will assume that you have a reason and our staff will not comment or ask why, and we will welcome you to come as you are and worship together with us!

We also ask our congregates to do the same in respecting one-another's right to privacy.

We will have hand sanitizer as well as disposable masks available at the entrance.

As with any contagious sickness such as the Flu, we do ask that if you have any covid symptoms, please stay home until you are no longer at risk of spreading something. If you are especially susceptible to illness, it is recommended by the CDC to avoid any gatherings at this time. 


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