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Established in 1888

The Oso Community Chapel began in 1888 in a log cabin school house on the West side of Deer Creek, along the Stillaguamish River behind the site of the now vacant Oso school house. Sunday school was held regularly in the log school house, and its later replacement built in 1905. In 1912 the community started building the present church building, on land donated to the community by the Isles family, under the direction of a Mr. Robinson. Working in their spare time the workers took until 1914 to finish the building. In the late 1960’s church members added three classrooms to the church. In the early 1980's Oso Community Chapel hired its first full-time pastor. Since then, there have been five different full-time pastors ministering at the Chapel. Paul Harvey mentioned Oso Community Chapel on his radio program in 1988, marking the 100th birthday of the chapel. Oso Community Chapel is the only church between Arlington and Darrington on Hwy 530 NE. Services continue to be held every Sunday, except in extreme circumstances, just as they always have since 1888.

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