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HAITI 2016

In December of 2016, Oso Community Chapel joined 3 other local churches to send a work team to a remote part of Haiti to build a school and repair a church. Jerry describes his mission trip to Haiti as "the most amazing time being miserable". Miserable in the aspect of daily headaches, stomach issues, working in the mid 90 degree heat and humidity, having his new phone stolen right out of his hand while in a car. . .but amazing because of the love and joy that the Haitian people have for the Lord and others, because of the people he met from the other churches and worked with, and the teamwork that helped them accomplish such an amazing feat (building a school and replacing the roof on a church - in 2 wks!).


In the 1st few pictures you'll see them putting up the iron trusses, which they fabricated themselves, on the church. Since Hurricane Matthew the church has been meeting in a small hut (5th & 6th pic). After the team got the trusses in place, Jerry and Barry stayed there, putting on the metal roof, while the rest of the team worked on building the school. They hired local Haitians to work with them putting up the walls, which are made up of cinder-blocks. The Haitians mixed the mortar by hand, after the water was delivered to them by containers on a donkey, or an older woman carrying 5 gallons of water on her head.


During breaks the kids that had been watching them work would play with the team members. The little ones loved arm wrestling and singing. One of the team members recorded them on his phone, and they loved to watch themselves. Jerry said it was amazing to see how primitive the Haitian's live. . .they still farm with a man, a plow and an ox. The church was very excited and very grateful to be back in their church building and see the school built. To show their appreciation they made the team lunch to eat after the service, but because they are so poor, there wasn't enough food, so only the team ate. They couldn't turn down the food because that would be disrespecting the love shown by the church. One of the other special moments was when Jerry and Barry got to meet the little girls our families personally support (never thought we would be able to).

"To God be the glory, great things He hath done"

for His glory and the eternal benefit of others!!

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